About WebRTC Index

The WebRTC industry is still at its infancy, with a few hundreds of vendors – small ones as well as big providing anything from small SDK components to complete WebRTC based services.

A new form of service providers have arise providing end-to-end WebRTC hosted APIs that wrap the standard client API with their own proprietary interface. Others offer only specific hosted server components such as FW/NET traversal, signaling, media server, etc.

WebRTC is a dynamic industry, there are rapid changes in the ecosystem; new companies are born while others change strategy, get acquired or go belly-up.

All this makes it hard to find the right company to fulfill one’s needs. That is where WebRTC Index comes to play.

WebRTC Index is an online, freely available director of WebRTC vendors and services.

For those looking for tools and services related to WebRTC, this should be the first place to go.

For companies that offer WebRTC related services and products, you should be listed here.


WebRTC Index was created by Tsahi Levent Levi (BlogGeek.me and testRTC) and Amir Zmora (SwitchRTC and TheNewDialTone).

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