Acrossio is a platform used to conduct collaboration and other general meetings using video chat. We record and index the video chat to user comments, bookmarks, file shares, screen share, tasks, links and the like. The recorded content and context is transformed into team’s collective knowledge and is then transformed into enterprise intelligence.

Acrossio records your meeting, capturing everything you and your team believe is valuable.
Be a HERO! Remember everything… Capture team ideas, actions, comments and anything you share. What used to get lost in the minutes of endless meetings, now becomes your team’s collective knowledge.

While you and your team share thoughts, bookmarks and comments, Acrossio captures the associated context. Learning today in order to suggest and deliver actionable intelligence tomorrow.​

Categories: Solution Vendor

Target Audience: Developers, SMB, Enterprise, HR

Availability: Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, iOS, Android, PC app