Apizee develops WebRTC PaaS, live chat, click to call, voice and video cloud communications solutions for websites and applications. This voice and videoconferencing solutions can be used from any web browser on any device (PC, smartphone, tablet…).

Apizee real-time communication PaaS platform enables developers to add voice and video call features without prior knowledge of WebRTC and without investing in specific real time platform. This is a simple way for customers to take advantage of real time communications whilst focusing on their core business.

Apizee solutions are available as APIs. They are designed to be used applications developers, web stores, by web agencies, integrators and operators. For those with no knowledge of software development, we recommend packaged modules:

  • Apizee Contact is a customer relationship module with chat, click to voice and video for websites to increase their sales conversion rate,
  • Apizee Link is a ready-to-use module to add unified communication between connected users in Intranet or SaaS applications. Apizee Link includes conferencing and SIP interworking
  • Apizee Diag is a dedicated module for visual assistance and visual inspection for maintenance, construction, customer support and e-heath markets.

Apizee solutions are hosted on different locations in the US and Europe with regular hosting or with HIPAA compliancy for e-health.

Categories: Technology Vendor

Target Audience: Developers, SMB, Enterprise

Availability: Firefox, Chrome, IE, iOS, Android