Blitzz is a smart, video engagement platform for businesses to provide customers with exceptional, personalized support.

Video communication is a high touch solution for support that helps with clearly understanding the customer’s needs be it troubleshooting, repair, or even the buying process. Customers feel that when they speak in real time to a support rep via video, their needs are better communicated, empathized with and attended to promptly. Blitzz provides this platform to businesses to enable better customer conversion and give the customers the service they want.

It also enables intra-company training and support and facilitates collaboration between multiple business entities that are part of the workflow.

Blitzz provides this solution with minimum impact on the company’s existing support tools by seamlessly integrating with them. The patent pending algorithms provide predictive support, minimizing support calls and support overhead while satisfying the customer with supreme service.

Categories: Service Provider

Target Audience: SMB, Enterprise, Service Providers, Specific vertical, Field Support Teams

Availability: Chrome, Safari, iOS, Android