BrainCert, Inc.


BrainCert is a cloud-based all-in-one educational platform. BrainCert has recently launched the world’s first WebRTC powered HTML5 Virtual Classroom in 50 languages (

Users can take advantage of the high-definition audio and video available within the BrainCert platform. The service offers connections between multiple individuals, so a whole classroom of remote learners can see and speak to one another while taking part in a lecture. Live lectures are accompanied by recordings of lessons that users can download at their leisure.

Teachers who give presentations can share their own video cameras as well as their screens. They can give examples of software utilization or make use of interactive white boards by sharing the entire desktop of a single application – whichever fits best for the teaching style. The interactive whiteboards support LaTex for math equation editing and a connection to the Wolfram|Alpha search engine that provides answers to educational queries. Teachers can also open several tabs in their whiteboards to share multiple documents and live presentation elements simultaneously.

The takeoff of WebRTC has moved much beyond its initial promise of web-based voice and video in the browser. BrainCert has even included support for its services in 50 languages, so teachers across the world will have access to materials that make online learning possible.

WebRTC forms the base of what makes all this possible. It offers a manner in which software developers can create low-latency applications that transmit voice, video, texts, documents, and any other type of digital learning materials available for students. From there, live lectures, shared lessons, and webinars can make their way to millions of students who only need to have a modern browser and internet connection to begin to learn.

BrainCert is the easiest way to learn, teach, and collaborate online.

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