CaféX Communications

Unified Communications

CaféX makes it easier for companies to enhance live engagement within web and mobile applications. CaféX’s award-winning software embeds real-time collaboration within the context of business workflows to increase customer satisfaction and workforce productivity. Trusted by many Global 2000 companies, CaféX provides elegant solutions to longstanding collaboration barriers such as cost, architectural complexity, ease-of-use and vendor interoperability.

By creating a single-click communication experience on every browser with no new software to install, CaféX Chime federates with existing video conferencing systems at a fraction of today’s costs to make collaboration available to all business users within and beyond the enterprise. CaféX Supervisor Assist redefines contact center coaching by providing managers with real-time agent monitoring, screen share and live interaction from virtually anywhere via a web browser or tablet during customer calls. CaféX Live Assist® combines WebRTC and enterprise communications technologies to create Omnichannel engagement that unifies the customer journey and protects existing IT investments.

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Categories: Technology Vendor

Target Audience: Developers, SMB, Enterprise, Service Providers, Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare

Availability: Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, iOS, Android