CameraTag was designed to remove the hassle of collecting and displaying user-generated media. Whether it’s capturing new videos or photos from your user’s webcam or allowing file uploads CameraTag will handle all the heavy lifting. We deal with the significant fragmentation in the technology landscape (WebRTC, Flash, MediaAPI) across desktop and mobile browsers on provide you with a single unified API that can get you up and running with as little as one line of code. Beyond that, we will host all your media for you on our world-class CDN and provide you with unlimited playback and bandwidth for as long as you maintain your account.
There are five fundamental components to CameraTag. Use the links below to learn more about each component.

Your CameraTag App for storing, organizing and standardizing media
The <camera> tag for recording and uploading videos to your App
The <photoboth> tag for capturing and uploading photos to your App
The <video> tag for playing back videos from your App
The <photo> tag for displaying thumbnails from photos and videos in your app

Categories: Solution Vendor

Target Audience: Developers, SMB, Enterprise

Availability: Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, iOS, Android, PC app, Mac app

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