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Drum is trusted by the industries leading experts for their web meetings. Here at Drum we develop web meeting and collaboration tools to sit directly within your website or existing service. In addition, we offer standalone meeting solution ‘Drum for teams’. Drum for teams, coming mid 2016, will provide users to benefit from our web meeting solution. Drum offers service providers a variety of bespoke solutions. However our two main solutions are:

  1. Drum web meeting API. Designed for the enterprise, resellers or building your own web meeting solution as a service. The API is designed to keep your meetings inside your branded experience.
  2. Drum for teams (coming 2016). Our stand alone web meeting solution for the users wanting a hassle free online meeting.

Drum utilises WebRTC combined with HTML5 and CSS3 to provide a browser-based solution. Users can join and collaborate within a meeting with no downloads (the meeting host is required to download software to initiate screen sharing). The selection of features replicate the capabilities of a face-to-face meeting with a selection of collaboration features and communication channels. Does your browser not support WebRTC? We have you covered. Our PSTN local dial-in number ensures you can use your phone to join the meeting audio.

Drum’s audio conferencing is CAPEX free and hosted on-premise with connection to Drum’s web meeting capability enabled through simple provisioning settings.

Build and resell your very own web meeting product using our API key or benefit from free instant web meetings over at

Categories: Service Provider

Target Audience: Developers, Enterprise, Service Providers

Availability: Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, iOS, Android