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Frozen Mountain Software is a globally recognized provider of cross-platform WebRTC client SDKs and on-premise WebRTC media servers. Started in 2008 and having grown to over 300 customers in 47 countries, Frozen Mountain has provided their products and professional service expertise to SMB and enterprise customers through the integration of WebRTC functionality into customized applications, platforms, and special devices.

Frozen Mountain offers three unique products designed to reduce development time when adding WebRTC capabilities into your web, mobile or other special application:

IceLink is a SDK that provides WebRTC support for native iOS, Android, Windows Phone, .NET, MacOS, Java, UWP, and Xamarin, applications. IceLink enables WebRTC developers to add peer-to-peer audio, video and data streaming to their applications without requiring a specific platform or the use of hosted services. It has a single common cross-platform API that allows developers to write simple re-usable code that abstracts the complexities of each platform, device and browser. Additionally, IceLink includes a STUN/TURN server and an Internet Explorer WebRTC enablement plug-in.

WebSync, optionally available as an on-premise server or hosted by Frozen Mountain as WebSync Cloud, is a bi-directional high performance WebSocket/HTTP-based pub/sub .NET server that adds real-time text chat, diagnostic data transfer and server-side content push to your applications. It also contains a signalling stack that meets the requirements of the WebRTC standard.

LiveSwitch is a WebRTC media server designed to extend video conferencing beyond conventional peer-to-peer mesh networks. LiveSwitch provides Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU) and Multi-point Control Unit (MCU) capabilities via a set of installable server component libraries for on-premise usage on your hardware or in your cloud. LiveSwitch has a hybrid architecture designed to allow developers to start peer-to-peer, SFU, or MCU streams independently per client resulting in any number of combinations of stream types. LiveSwitch also includes a SIP connector for adding Telephony to your application, built-in flexible stream recording, as well as automatic handling of horizontal and vertical scaling for broadcasting applications.

Categories: Technology Vendor

Target Audience: Developers, Service Providers

Availability: Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, iOS, Android, PC app, Mac app

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