A showcase of a good WebRTC Index pages

After you went through all our recommendations for Getting the Most out of Your Index Page let’s look at a few examples of company pages and tips for improving your company page.

Sponsoring companies

As Gold or Silver sponsor your company is highlighted on our home page (Gold – always, Silver – randomly) and featured in search results as a sponsor (Gold – always, Silver – randomly). This comes automatically with no action required on your end. There are other things we recommend you pay attention to in order to get more of your sponsorship.

To demonstrate this we will look at examples taking best from each one of them. We recommend looking at Frozen Mountain and APIdaze, both are Gold level sponsors .

You can notice that the company description for Frozen Mountain is pretty detailed, something we recommend for all company pages regardless of sponsoring level.

Improving your appearance in natural search results

There are 3 things you can do to improve the matching of your company to search criteria.

Multiple solution types

Both APIdaze and Frozen Mountain have chosen multiple solution types (see them below company name). They chose only those that match their company’s business but a sponsor you can have multiple solution types associated with your company page. Since users filter search based on solution type having all those that match your offering is important.

Multiple Categories

Similar to solution type, categories are part of the search filtering users may use and therefore it is important to make use of your privilege as sponsor and select all categories relevant to your company.

Creating tags

Sponsoring companies are entitled to add tags to their company page. Different from categories and solution types that are pre-defined by us, tags are defined by you.

Having tags that match search terms users may use and that are relevant for your company improve the matching of your company in search.

External links

Gold and Silver sponsors can add external links to their company page (some differences between Gold and Silver). These links point to pages out of the WebRTC Index and are an opportunity for you not only to bring users directly to a specific page on your website but also to other websites that highlight your company. APIdaze makes good use of these links pointing to a trial site, a subdomain for developers and the Hackathon they are organizing.

Content links

Content links are available for Gold sponsors only. They allow you to add documents and brochures user can have direct access to from your company page. An example for this can be seen on the page of Frozen Mountain.

Sharing your company page

At the bottom of your company page there are social icons for sharing. These icons also have counters. It can be seen that APIdaze got people to share their page and through that have more visibility for their company listing.

Non sponsoring companies

There are several things you need to take care of in order to improve matching of your company to search queries. A good example of implementing them can be found on the page of Pexip.

Detailed company description

Make sure your company description overs relevant areas of your offering and includes keywords you believe users searching for a solution such as yours might include in their search query.

Choose the most relevant solution type and category

Different from Gold and Silver sponsors, you are limited to only one solution type and one category. Make sure you go for the options that best match your main focus and based on which you want to be found.

Provide all information

Make sure to provide information for all fields in company page such as data types you support, supported browsers and deployment type. Additionally, remember to update these as you add more features to your product.

Sharing your company page

Similar to Gold and Silver companies, you will find at the bottom of your company page the sharing social icons. Make sure to have people share your company page, get those counters going and spread the word.

After going through all of this we recommend you take a look at our sponsorship benefits and pricing of each level. Given the low cost of sponsorship and the value it brings you might consider going for one of the sponsorship options.