Selecting the best additional links

If you are a Silver or Gold sponsor of the WebRTC Index, then there are additional links you can place in your page. Better make use of them.

What are additional links?

Each WebRTC Index page includes a link to the website of the vendor or project in question.

Sponsors get the option of having some additional, more specific links in their page. Silver sponsors can use up to 3 such additional links while Gold sponsors can have up to 5 additional links.

The links appear on the left-hand side of the profile and can be considered as shortcuts to specific areas in your website.

Why do I need them?

These links are a way for you to direct visitors to where you want them the most.

This can be a registration page for your service, an FAQ or anything else that makes sense.

How should I use them?

Think of the most powerful pages you have on your site. The ones you wish to get visitors to quickly.

Once you know where you want to direct visitors, think of a short title to place on your page – something that makes it clear where they are headed.

You can have up to 5 such links with short titles on your page, depending on your sponsorship level.

Got good examples for me?

Sure. Here are a few vendors in the index who are Gold sponsors make good use of the additional links:

How do I add them in?

Until we get some self service in place, you get the premium service. Just email us at with the links and titles you wish to have for your page.