Hosted or on-premise?

We have been noticing that some of the vendors on the index don’t really select the correct option between Hosted and On-premise – at least not in a way that makes any sense to us.

Here’s a quick explanation of the difference between the two.


A hosted solution is a solution that you install, run and manage on your own servers. Your own servers can be servers that you have in a data center you built or it can be virtual machines running on Amazon.

The idea here is that the one using your service uses your service. He doesn’t really need to have anyone monitor it 24/7 and making sure the lights are on – that’s your job.


An on-premise solution is a solution that you sell on a CD to the customer. He (or you) need to install and get the service up and running. It may include additional integration or customization.

At the end of the day, the person in charge or running and maintaining the service is the customer – not you.


There are vendors who offer both options – Hosted and On-premise. These vendors run their own service, where some of their customers operate; and in other cases, their customers take the code and run it elsewhere – inside their own enterprise, on a data center of their own or even in their own Amazon Web Services account.

If you run your own servers for the benefit of your customers, and have the option of having the service being installed, operated and maintained by customers who want such an option, then you do both.

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