A word about solution types and categories

Solution types and categories are part of the search algorithm thus very important. Here is how to make the most out of them.

What are solution types and categories?

Solution types and categories are predefined properties and identifiers you can associate with your company, product or service. As an example, you can define your company as a service provider (category) that provides collaboration services (solution type).

Why do I need them?

When a user looking for a specific WebRTC solution is searching on the WebRTC Index he will typically narrow down his search by selecting a specific category and solution type. If your company is not associated with that category or solution type it will not appear in the search results. By associating all relevant solution types and categories to your company you increase the chances a prospect will find your company in his search on the WebRTC index.

Best practice with solution types and categories

Clearly you would want all relevant solution types and categories to be associated with your company. If you are a Silver or Gold sponsor you can associate multiple solution types and categories with your company. Companies listed for free can associate only one category and solution type with their company. This might be a good reason for you to consider one of our affordable sponsorship options.

It is highly recommended not to choose solution types and categories that don’t match your company’s profile as it will result in bad search results for the WebRTC Index users and bad perception of your company.

Got good examples for me?

A good example for using solution types and categories can be found on our Silver and Gold sponsors pages. One such example is APIdaze that selected the following:

Solution Types: Click-2-Call, Infrastructure, SDK, Telephony, WebRTC PaaS

Categories: Solution Vendor, Technology Vendor

How do I add them in?

Until we get some self service in place, you get the premium service. Just email us at info@webrtcindex.com with the categories and solution types you wish to have for your page.