Green Key Technologies


In simple terms, every phone in the financial industry should be powered by GreenKey. We offer a solution to replace the traditional high cost, low flexibility hardware phone system with a fully secure open application software with a host of value added services.

GreenKey is the voice-driven collaboration platform for financial markets participants: enhancing compliance and enabling sophisticated data analytics. GreenKey’s software voice workspace lets you push to talk (basically, an intercom) to colleagues in real-time, from any device, anytime and anywhere. It also lets you turn voice into data – that can be transcribed, analyzed, surveilled and enriched. With cutting edge speech recognition, we turn voice into useable data and unleash powerful analytics. Our software application sustains the unique qualities of voice but adds technology into the mix while offering recording and transcription features to help ensure financial institutions are compliant with evermore demanding market regulations.

Our software turret functionality, encrypted global Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network and searchable text files combine to make voice communication significantly simpler, smarter and more cost-effective. GreenKey’s web based thin client runs on HTML5 and WebRTC. Our back-end components are built over Linux and Python interacting with a highly scalable, open-source, telephony stack. Our application can either be cloud hosted on an on-site installation.

Categories: Solution Vendor

Target Audience: Consumers, Enterprise, Financial services (and beyond)

Availability: Chrome, Android, PC app