Kurento Media Server is an open source WebRTC Media Server providing a toolbox of capabilities which include group communications, recording, routing, transcoding and mixing. Kurento supports a large number of media protocols such as WebRTC, plain RTP, RTSP or HTTP and bunch of codecs including VP8, VP9, H.264, H.263, OPUS, Speex, PCM or AMR. Kurento Media Server is based on a modular architecture, which makes it possible for developers to extend and customize its native capabilities with advanced media processing features such as computer vision, augmented reality or speech analysis.

Kurento is ideal for WWW developers who find natural programming with its Java an JavaScript APIs following the traditional three tiered WWW development model. In addition, Kurento simplifies bringing applications to production thanks to its stats and monitoring APIs, to its ability to interoperate with IT corporate infrastructures and legacy real-time systems, and to its suitability for all kind of cloud deployments, including Docker, AWS EC2 and OpenStack.

Kurento is supported by a team of WebRTC experts and enthusiasts which offer their professional services for helping companies to create their Kurento-enabled WebRTC applications and infrastructures. More than 300 companies world wide have trusted on Kurento for creating their rich media applications. Do you feel like trying? Just go to http://www.kurento.org and join the community!

Categories: Open Source

Target Audience: Developers, Enterprise

Availability: Backend

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