Medialooks SDKs bring WebRTC to the professional video market, where the use of specialized I/O hardware is often required. Medialooks enables developers to do the following:

  • Create professional multimedia applications for news, sports, virtual studios, healthcare, security, education, video conferencing and entertainment. Medialooks provides components for video capture, playout automation, video mixing, broadcast graphics and more.
  • Use WebRTC to stream video from a native desktop application to a remote browser. Any type of data can be sent: video files or live streams (from a web camera or professional devices). It possible to remotely access and control all features of the application – with low latency and frame accuracy, which are both critical requirements for video professionals.
  • Receive video/audio data from a browser located in a remote location into a native application.
  • Transmit WebRTC streams and messages between native applications.

Here are some of the use cases for WebRTC in combination with Medialooks technology:

  • Preview with remote control. Quickly build a web-based control panel for your multimedia Windows application with instant video preview and application controls.
  • Cross-platform playback. Use Medialooks components to decode video files on a Windows machine or in the cloud and view them in a WebRTC-powered browser on any supported device.
  • WebRTC gateway. Medialooks components can be used to convert any of the supported network streams (RTSP, RTMP, HTTP, UDP, RTSP, MPEG-DASH) to WebRTC. This allows, for instance, for a stream from an IP camera to be viewed in a browser.
  • Live interviews with remote participants. Integrate WebRTC video calls into a studio workflow.

Categories: Technology Vendor

Target Audience: Developers, Enterprise, Service Providers, Specific vertical

Availability: Firefox, Chrome, iOS, Android, PC app

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