LetMeSee is an easy–to-use live interactive platform for businesses and organizations that want to deliver a personal, high-touch e-service or e-sales experience to their customers. LetMeSee offers real-time online communication solutions through video chat, video call, voice call, text chat and data.

Using innovative technologies like WebRTC in a disruptive way. The LetMeSee communication solutions can be integrated into websites, corporate environments and (mobile) applications and works on all devices. The user remains in the web environment of your organisation.

LetMeSee offers her communication solutions white-labelled. No downloads, software installations or registrations required when using the LetMeSee communication solutions.

Online contact in just one click.

LetMeSee offers the ability to communicate out of the ‘comfort zone’ of a buddy list. Use video calls, video chat, voice call and text chat for any duration of time at no extra cost. LetMeSee offers a much higher audio/video quality (up to 4x HD is possible). Communication is done peer-to-peer and does not run through servers. As a result, there is a minimal delay during a video chat or video call session. The connections are secure and all data falls under the European law (no USA PATRIOT Act). Privacy is guaranteed. The connections between the participants and with all LetMeSee systems are fully encrypted using modern industry standards.

We provide an abstracted API, therefore you do not have to bother with different browsers, platforms, devices and fall-backs. We offer our customers the possibility to use WebRTC without any technical domain knowledge, complex integration, and necessary infrastructure.
Connect your smart products through our white-labelled, top secure and private Internet of Things platform and add high quality video chat.

Use our solution for:

4.0 Customer Service for Online Shops and Marketplaces
Add trust and improve conversion by persuading buyers face to face. Instead of an anonymous chat service, you can reach your shoppers directly while they shop online. Customers get personal face to face expert advise on clothing, styling, home decoration or make-up. Imagine the impact this could have on conversion.

Visual Live Support in E-health
What if home health services, family doctors and psychiatrists can visually connect with their patients by using video? With LetMeSee it is possible. A personal video consultation with healthcare professionals will have a positive effect on the efficiency of care, the waiting lists and costs within a healthcare organisation.

Retail & E-Commerce
Real-time online communication offers the ability to add back the personal support which was lost when the contact centers evolved. Video communication allows customers to interact with support agents to get expert advise or overcome application challenges. No more anonymous voice or email, but a face. With real-time online communication advise becomes more personal and problems can be addressed in a personal manner. Customer satisfaction and retention will increase.

You are standing next to your broken down car and all kinds of strange lights are lit up on your dashboard? Via your mobile phone, you simply show the problem to a roadside assistant for the best advice.

Real estate
You want to check out real estate properties on the other side of the world? Forget travelling. The real estate agent shows you the selected homes via a live video chat.

The advantages of LetMeSee

  • No downloads, software installations or registrations. It works on all devices.
  • Online contact with only one click
  • Simple implementation. Our communication solutions can be easily integrated into every corporate environment.
  • Use video chat, video call, voice call and text chat for as long as you want at no extra costs.
  • Keep end-users in your corporate environment
  • Secure private connection (peer-to-peer)

LetMeSee is applications-based, meaning you can select from a wide variety of multimedia communication and collaborative apps with which to engage visitors, including integrated text, WebRTC-based video chat, integration with phone systems, co-browsing of web sites and offline content and mobile functionalities.

The solution provides vendors with the opportunity to provide a better customer service that leads to higher level of sales, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

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Target Audience: Consumers, Enterprise, Service Providers, Specific vertical

Availability: Firefox, Chrome, iOS, Android