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nanoStream enables plugin-free browser based live encoding and screen sharing to live streaming environments. With a single click you can go live from your WebRTC-enabled browser and send your live stream to scalable, large audiences worldwide, with ultra-low latency! The content can be audio/video, screen sharing or audio-only for radio-style broadcast applications.

nanoStream is available as part of nanoStream Cloud, or as an add-on to integrate with existing live streaming environments. In combination with nanoStream H5Live Player through nanoStream Cloud you can deliver and playback your content in a scalable and compatible way creating true interactive live streaming applications, on any browser.

Use cases:

  • live encoding / broadcast from your browser
  • integrate with existing RTMP live streaming environments.
  • live video chats either 1-1 or as video group chat.
  • custom integration / rebranding
  • cloud integration for worldwide scalable distribution

Try now and broadcast your live stream around the world in 1 second!


About nanocosmos and nanoStream Cloud

nanocosmos makes it easy to create interactive live streaming applications with ultra-low latency. Our flagship is nanoStream Cloud, the end-to- end solution developed to make your work simpler. Through the plugin-free nanoStream H5Live Player, it delivers and plays in ultra-low- latency on any HTML5 browser, including Safari on iOS. It includes the dashboard management and REST API nanoStream Cloud can also be integrated to your existing workflow as a push or pull global CDN.

You can try it here for free:


nanoStream Cloud Add-ons

nanoStream Apps and SDKs for true cross-platform live encoding.

All nanoStream software products can be licensed as a cloud-based service (including the stream management platform) or installed to integrate with custom live streaming environments.

Our high-skilled consulting, support and software development services help you building your live streaming solution for your own brand.

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Target Audience: Developers, SMB, Enterprise, Service Providers, Specific vertical

Availability: Firefox, Chrome, Android, IE, Safari, iOS, PC app, Mac app