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nanocosmos makes it easy to create interactive live streaming applications with ultra-low latency. Use our nanoStream Apps, SDKs and APIs for true-cross-platform native and plugin-free browser applications, for live encoding, streaming, and playback.
You can use our Communication Platform in the nanoStream Cloud (CPaas) or install on your own servers and integrate with your existing streaming infrastructure.

nanoStream enables plugin-free broadcasting from the browser (Chrome/Firefox). Use the client-server-solution to create secure unified communication solutions or to broadcast live streams to a large, worldwide audience. integrates easily into RTMP and CDN streaming environments.

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Combine with the nanoStream H5Live Player for a plugin-free live streaming experience from the camera to the viewer. The nanoStream H5Live Player is a browser-based playback software with ultra low-latency (around 1 second). The H5Live Player is supported by all browsers (incl. Safari on iOS 10). Try it here for free:

All nanoStream software products can be licensed as a cloud-based service (including the stream management platform) or installed on-premise.
Our high-skilled consulting, support and software development services help you building your live streaming solution for your own brand.

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Target Audience: Developers, SMB, Enterprise, Service Providers, Specific vertical

Availability: Firefox, Chrome, Android, IE, Safari, iOS, PC app, Mac app