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Operata is customer & agent experience management for Cloud Contact Centres.

We all love the flexibility and power of cloud contact call centres. But the benefits bring new complexities. The technology has moved your Agents further from your Customers than ever before. And with multiple providers, network layers, security, software, OS and more. There are more dependencies, less visibility, and next-to-no control. How do you know where to improve?

That’s why there’s Operata.

It’s for contact center agents, managers and the IT teams that support them. Operata collects quality data, from every agent, for every second of every call , and uses Machine Learning to continually analyse, then uses smart diagnostics to dynamically move calls, switch channels or give agents real time solutions, such as checking their headset or network connectivity, with intelligent visuals, reports, notifications and the data they need to identify and resolve issues quickly, building knowledge to improve analysis over time.

It continuously improves the everyday experience for your Agents, and your customers.

Categories: Projects

Target Audience: Developers, Enterprise, Service Providers

Availability: Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, iOS, Android

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