Video Conferencing

Pexip creates Infinity, a complete virtualized video, audio and web conferencing infrastructure – a scalable meeting platform that provides any-to-any collaboration solutions. Pexip Infinity’s virtualized software scales so that it can provide every user in any size organization with a visual collaboration solution.

A great part of the platform is to provide WebRTC-to-anything – so WebRTC users can seamlessly meet and collaborate with any kind of technology on the back end; Lync, Skype, legacy video solutions, and more. In reality, it enables companies to integrate WebRTC users into any collaboration environment.

Pexip’s Infinity platform allows full front end branding capabilities, thus makes it easy for companies to create customer facing services, such as in-store, POS, banking, healthcare, customer services, and more.

Categories: Technology Vendor

Target Audience: SMB, Enterprise, Service Providers

Availability: Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, PC app, Mac app