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Unified Communications

Scallop Software, Inc. introduces Social Scallop a truly all-encompassing Communication, Collaboration and Big Data Management Platform architected to solve your communication quagmire by, keeping you connected to the tools, knowledge, ideas, people and resources needed to effectively communicate and collaborate. Social Scallop has integrated all your communication tools in a single view, The Stream.

Built on today’s most innovative technologies; Html5, WebRTC, Unified Communications and Big Data Analytics and designed from the ground up all the communication tools are native to the platform. Nothing is “running in the background”, no apps to download or plugins; you are never redirected to 3rd party solutions. This offers not only security but significant cost savings as well.

Social Scallop is a ubiquitous communication platform; your access is through the Social Scallop web portal to the Stream. The hub where all the communication tools reside and are accessed; Voice – browser to browser or Phone – calling anyone anywhere, Messaging – IM & SMS, Web Conferencing, Video Chat, Conversations on the Enterprise Social Network, Task Management, Knowledge Management, Document Collaboration, Management and Storage, Data Capture and Management and Email Replacement and designed to the highest of Enterprise standards we provide uncompromising security and encryption from end-to-end. Social Scallop architecture’s deployment design allows the choice of one of four modes Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud or Private Cloud deployment, or residing on your servers.

The Big Data platform concurrently manages tracks and records the communication and collaboration of the users then aggregates and warehouses the content created, shared, uploaded or stored, which is then extensively indexed for real-time access turning all your communications into a knowledge base of valuable information.

ABOUT: Scallop Software, Inc. Scallop Software is based in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. The founders are enterprise software veterans and are passionate about taking enterprise collaboration to the next level with the advent of WebRTC. The team is laser focused on making the best collaboration platform that shows clear and measurable productivity gains in the enterprise.

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Target Audience: Consumers, SMB, Enterprise, Service Providers, IoT & M2M Technology Providers

Availability: Firefox, Chrome