SwitchRTC was acquired by YouNow Inc.

SwitchRTC is a commercially licensable, enterprise and hosted UC grade, WebRTC based collaboration suite that enhances traditional collaboration environments with scalable, high quality and efficient multi-participant video chat and screen sharing capabilities.

SwitchRTC can be leveraged for deploying high scale, WebRTC services and enhancing existing, non WebRTC services:
• Add screen share collaboration to voice only communication even if they are not WebRTC based
• Deploy a full suite of high-scale, multi-party WebRTC based voice, video and collaboration services

SwitchRTC is a fully functional SFU running on Amazon AWS or other public/private clouds, allowing the creation of ad-hoc voice, video & collaboration conferences.

Different from other solutions on the market, SwitchRTC was originally designed for WebRTC communication and is using a dedicated build of the Google WebRTC code for the SFU media server that can be easily upgraded as Google’s own WebRTC versions are released. This is a unique advantage of SwitchRTC as it benefits from all the latest advancements in WebRTC, such as media quality and VP9, making it future proof and interoperable by design.

SwitchRTC is offered to vendors and service providers as an on premise collaboration solution they can install in their private cloud or as a SaaS solution. SwitchRTC offers a commercial license with dedicated support giving customers a single point of contact for their collaboration and video needs.

Categories: Solution Vendor, Technology Vendor

Tags: collaboration, Conferencing, screen sharing, SDK, SFU, video

Availability: Firefox, Chrome, iOS, Android

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