Testing & Monitoring

testRTC is a testing, monitoring and analytics platform designed and built for the new generation of WebRTC-based communications. testRTC enables you to improve the user experience of your service by becoming an integral part of your development and deployment practices.

testRTC’s main benefits are:

Improved Visibility

  • Monitor your production service at all times.
  • Conduct regression and stress tests for your service.
  • Continuously check against the multiple browser versions.

Better Decisions

  • Monitor your application’s communications paths as your customers experience them.
  • Quickly find and fix communication related problems.

Tailored to your Needs

  • Write and customize the test scripts.
  • Collect metrics and insights from real-life users on your service in production.

Ready now

  • Write your first test script in minutes.
  • Immediately view your application’s performance.
  • Setup scheduled monitoring events.

Categories: Projects, Service Provider, Solution Vendor, Technology Vendor

Tags: analytics, automation, continuous integration, devops, monitoring, QA, testing, voice quality

Target Audience: Developers, Enterprises, Service Providers

Availability: Firefox, Chrome, iOS, Android, Backend