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Twinlife’s purpose is to enable everyone to “own their life online”, ie, manage their identities, protect their privacy and take control over their communications. Our vision is that everyone can eventually become their own communications operator.

Twinlife’s first communication service called “twinsee” was demonstrated by Google as 1st working WebRTC application on a mobile device at Google I/O developer conference in June 2012.

The flagship product is now “twinme”, providing P2P private real-time text, audio and video interactions on mobile devices. Twinme does not require to register and does not access any personal information. Users define which identity they want to use for each of their contacts, including remaining anonymous, like you do in physical life when entering a shop for example.

Twinme is free and available on Android and iOS devices.

Categories: Service Provider

Target Audience: Developers, Consumers, SMB, Enterprise, Service Providers, Specific vertical

Availability: Firefox, Chrome, iOS, Android