Viblast is a peer-to-peer (P2P) software solution that significantly improves the quality of live video streaming.

A hybrid video delivery software, Viblast optimizes live streaming to large numbers of simultaneous viewers through a patent-pending P2P technology. The platform works in sync with existing delivery infrastructures (CDN or in-house deployments) and does not require browser plug-ins or additional hardware.

Viblast enables the delivery of live high-definition video to any device and platform in a massively scalable and cost-effective way. It can achieve bandwidth savings of up to 70%, allowing for higher QoE. At the same time, it eliminates unexpected outages caused by sudden peaks in viewership. As opposed to the CDN model, Viblast’s peer-assisted delivery network scales in real-time and launches only as needed.

Categories: Solution Vendor

Target Audience: SMB, Enterprise, Service Providers, Broadcasters, OVP, CDNs

Availability: Firefox, Chrome, iOS, Android, PC app, Mac app

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