Video Conferencing

APIs for 3D surround sound voice and video communication. 

Voxeet provides an end-to-end platform to enable WebRTC with TrueVoice™, the industry’s only 3D surround-sound audio & video experience. Voxeet’s multi-stream technology eliminates frustrating cross talk and garbled voices to provide a “same-room” sensation. The solution is built on top of WebRTC and is particularly well optimized for mobile devices.

The current offering includes APIs that allow any third party to deliver crystal clear audio and video. In addition to audio and video conferencing Voxeet delivers screen sharing, presentation mode, broadcasting, call recording, translation, messaging, scheduling and more. Voxeet is highly secure & scalable with global AWS deployment.

Categories: Solution Vendor

Target Audience: Developers, SMB, Service Providers

Availability: Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, iOS, Android