Social Network

Watsh allows broadcasters, (s)VoD service providers or content owners to integrate an innovative “virtual couch” feature on their website, web player or apps, allowing existing or potential subscribers to talk, watch and ultimately buy videos together.

We allow mobile native, couch potatoes to start enjoying social video watching like previous generations did.
Our service allows our customers to create private virtual living rooms, where two or more users can enjoy the same content together at the same time, from their tablet, mobile or PC.
This “social VoD” service can be integrated on existing apps, players or websites and allows video playback synchronization as well as voice, text and video communication between participants, all using webRTC.

We offer a demo of the Watsh service on www.watsh.tv which allows users to watch, show and share videos stored on popular video services like Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion or Netflix, along with an extension that allows users to open a room in one click when they find a video on the web.

Categories: Service Provider

Availability: Firefox, Chrome