Advanced WebRTC Architecture Course


The Advanced WebRTC Architecture Course offers the most complete and updated WebRTC training program in the market.

The goal of the Advanced WebRTC Architecture course is to bring
students up to speed with WebRTC and enable them to make better
product decisions, in effect, making them Professional WebRTC

What will you learn?

  1. What WebRTC is exactly and how it works?
  2. How networking works in browsers these days?
  3. What exactly is Signaling and what alternatives do you have for it in WebRTC?
  4. An introduction to lossy codecs and their use in WebRTC
  5. Media processing and thinking beyond peer-to-peer networking
  6. The 3rd party services and frameworks that you can use to build your own product
  7. Common design patterns of services built using WebRTC

Course Syllabus (PDF)

Categories: Projects, Solution Vendor, Technology Vendor

Target Audience: Developers, Product Managers, System Architects

Availability: Firefox, Chrome, IE, Edge, Safari, iOS, Android, PC app, Mac app, Backend