Consulting & Outsourcing

Custom software design and development firm specializing in real-time web and mobile applications using WebRTC, web sockets, pub/sub messaging, Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, Python and more. We provide end to end design and development for your real-time application!

WebRTC.ventures is a division of custom design firm AgilityFeat.com, and has been building real time applications since 2011 for clients around the world. We serve clients in a variety of sectors including telecommunications, telehealth, education, collaboration tools, and more, working with startups as well as large enterprises.

Categories: Projects, Service Provider

Tags: custom software, design, development, MVP, product development, prototype, webrtc

Target Audience: Developers, Consumers, SMB, Enterprise, Service Providers

Availability: Firefox, Chrome, iOS, Android

Telehealth WebRTC Applications

We have experience with secure WebRTC based telehealth applications. We can design and build the complete experience for your mHealth app.

Our team has built native Android, iOS, and even Google Glass based applications that allow for video streaming and communications.

Whatever your custom needs are around WebRTC, we can build it - for a variety of industries: education, logistics, collaboration, virtual events, and more.