WIT is a software company that creates advanced solutions and white-label products for the mobile telecommunications industry.WIT provides a full WebRTC solution to allow the creation of Web applications supporting not only audio and video calls, but also a full set of features aimed for telco operators.

WIT WebRTC Gateway leverages the best use of WebRTC technology and provides the necessary conversion into Telecom protocols. It also enables real-time communications from the web browsers into smartphones, tablets, PC softphones, SIP phones and GSM/PSTN phones.

WIT Web Communicator is a browser-based application, that makes use of WIT WebRTC Gateway and provides real-time communication between any web browser and any smartphone or tablet running an RCS or VoIP app. It is built on top of a Javascript SDK that abstracts WebRTC details and differences between browsers and includes a Flash component to enable fall-back support for non-WebRTC browsers. This SDK can be available to allow third party developers to create application based on WIT solution.

WIT WebRTC Gateway can be fully integrated into an IMS network but it can also be available in a hosted solution to allow integration with any other SIP server or use case.

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Target Audience: Service Providers

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